There’s an old saying that goes a little something like this, “Home is where your parents are…”

And no matter where you grew up or how old you grow, there is a kid inside of us all who will always long to go back home.  When the road is too winding, when the day is too long and the world is just a little too real… or difficult, home shines with the haze of yellowed memories that never completely fade and who are only more meaningful for the wear.

If you have had the gift of raising your child on a farm, the feelings that you hold of your own father are the same that your children will hold for you as well as they age and go out into a world that is not always as black and white as hand to plow, seed to dirt or reign to steed.  Protecting that legacy of knowing that home is always waiting is part of giving a gift that lasts far beyond our days. It is a gift that we give to our children… and their children to come.

Our farms are the living and breathing work of our hands, they are the sweat off our brows and the love that we plant. They are the apple tree blooming that our great-grandmothers planted and the old, blue hand-me-down tractors of our grandfathers. They are that slower pace, that special place, where people are still good and love still lasts all our lives through.

This Father’s Day, let’s take the time to let the memories of our dads and grandfathers, encourage us to secure memories of our own and keep home the place where our children can always run home to. Happy Father’s Day from AgriLegacy!